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Digital Single Channel ECG – FB2020

Digital Single Channel ECG – FB2020

Description :

Large LCD display waveform and data

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Specifications/Details :

Large LCD display waveform and data
High-resolution thermal printing array system
Frequency response is as high as 150Hz
Capable of printing continuously on channel trace and annotations including lead mark and parameter such as sensitivity, paper speed and filter operation status
High resolution digital filter inhibits baseline drift without affecting ECG waveform
Concept of floating input circuit meets IEC safety standard
Rechargeable battery supporting more than 50 patient examinations

Input Circuit Floating; Protection against Defibrillator effect
Lead Standard 12 Leads, Lead change automatically
Patient Current Leakage: ≤10μA
Calibrating Voltage: 1mV±3%
Frequency Response: 0.05Hz~150Hz (IEC) CMRR>100dB
Paper Speed: 25, 50mm/s±3%
Recording Paper: 50mm,20m, high-speed roll
Input Circuit Current: ≤50mA
Sensitivity: 1/2, 1, 2 (cm/mV)
Skin Voltage Tolerance: ±300mV
Dimensions: 310mm×230mm×70mm
Input Impedance: ≥50ΜΩ
A/D Conversion: 12 bit
Time Constant: >3.2seconds
EMG Filter: 35Hz (-3dB) / 25Hz (-3dB
Safety Standard: IEC class I, type CF
Noise Level : <15μVp-p
Weight 2.75kg
Standard Accessories:
Patient Cable,Thermal Printing Paper, Limb Electrodes, Chest Electrodes, Power Supply Cable, Grounding Wire