03/03/24 08:29 AM

Ceiling Mounted Led Surgical Light (DUAL ARM)

Ceiling Mounted Led Surgical Light (DUAL ARM)

Description :

Spot center illumination: 160000/120000 lux, Color temperature: 4300±500K

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Technical specifications
Spot center illumination: 160000/120000 lux
Color temperature: 4300±500K
Color indication index (Ra): 95
Power of LED: N16x1W/N8x1W
Spot diameter: 130mm-350mm
Illumination depth: 140cm/120cm
Illumination-adjustment range: 10%~100%
Ultraviolet irradiance with wavelength under 400nm: 0.002W/m²
Focusing control: Manual
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz /110V, 60Hz
LED average service life: 60000hrs
Lowest height of installation: 2.8m